Monday, July 11, 2011

A Random Life in Art

As if any of us need another forum for spouting off about things we deem important in our lives, here, I've thrown more words onto the screen.

This, the first post in my own war with words, is a perfect example of how apparently disjointed and seemingly pointless most of our thoughts are in any given direction, but you can all be guaranteed, I will do my best to describe the roadmap through the synapses, connecting the dots for you non-dot-connecting types, that lead back to the central theme of my life—Art.

(See? For anyone paying attention, you've just been given the purpose behind the title of this post.)

But in this case, "Random" is a word chosen more for my life's outward appearance, much like this Blog, than a literal description of who I am as an artist.  From those earliest memories of mom holding the pencil in my tiny fist, drawing smiley faces and whispering, "Eyes, nose, mouth," to the scribbles I throw down to pay the bills today, my life/career may have split, spiraled, slalomed and surged in disparate artistic directions over time—much due to my low threshold of boredom, or a wandering heart—but my aim has always been to expose my muse to the world, surround myself with creativity, and never stop absorbing the lessons laid down by the best inventive minds I can find. We all, each of us, are on our own journeys—all roads leading toward the same destination. I have chosen mine. I am the only one responsible for how mine plays out. And I can think of no better effort. I ever seek to grow until they shut my eyes, and please put a smile on my lips...just don't make it one of those creepy clown smiles. I hate those.


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